Call for papers

The conference will focus on two main topics:

challenges and solutions


The first topic, challenges, highlights key water related factors for maintaining and strengthening the balance of mega-systems, a balance which is fragile due to the pressures exerted by the effects of climate change, population growth, consumption patterns and subsequent increasing water demands: disaster risk reduction, service continuity, technical and social conditions, land issues and challenges, ethics towards nature, governance, holistic water management, sustainable development goals


The second topic, solutions, will address the types of solutions (means, methods, tools) that could be implemented in order to support the management of water in Megacities: planning tools, innovative initiatives, technical and technological solutions, new water culture, sustainable solidarity.



Deadline for subsmission of the abstracts: 7th of March 2020 !

The submission of the abstracts is now closed.


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For ecological purposes, the interventions can be carried out via videoconference.


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